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Screw Bolts & Fixings at Bunnings Warehouse Bunnings ...

Check out our range of Screw Bolts & Fixings products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Visit us today for the widest range of Building & Hardware products.

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Timber decks - BRANZ Build

sizes spans and fixings of bearers joists and decking barrier details and calculations stair details if relevant . Even if a building consent is not required construction must still comply with New Zealand Building Code requirements. 2 Building Code and standards ANY DECK OR BALCONY 1.5 M OR MORE ABOVE CLEARED GROUND LEVEL REQUIRES

Sharkstooth FAQs about hidden deck fasteners and fixings in NZ

Answers to all the frequently asked questions FAQs and common questions about Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners and hidden deck fixings in NZ HOW MANY DO I NEED? This simple to use table will help you to work out the minimum number of fasteners you will need.

HiddenDeck Fasteners – TigerClaw Camo DeckWise ...

If you love the clean look of a fastener-free install then check out our selection of hidden deck fasteners for composite decking grooved boards softwoods hardwoods and more. Need Help? 1-888-824-5316. Live Chat. CAMO Hidden Fasteners . Seven Trust Fasteners . Seven Trust Fasteners

Hidden decking fixings that actually work Screwfix ...

I've got a big decking project coming up and the customer doesn't want the heads of any screws showing so I need to use hidden fixings. I've used the sort of hidden fixings in the past where you rout a small groove in the decking with a biscuit machine insert a plastic bisuit type fixing into the groove and then screw though the fixing.

EB-TY Hidden Deck Fastener - Simpson Strong-Tie - DecksDirect

Getting Started. Contact one of our knowledgeable specialists to help guide you through your project at 1-888-824-5316 or view one of our helpful tools below:. Lighting How-To Guide ; Lighting Image Gallery

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners - Deck Brokers

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners install faster and easier than other brands. With all work done from the top you can save on labour costs as compared to most competitors’ hidden fastener installations. Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners offer outstanding hold-down power for both wood and synthetic decking materials.


Unlike most concealed fixing systems KlevaKlip is actually very quick and easy to use - even if you are not an expert. Time studies have shown that laying your deck with KlevaKlip can give you at least 50% time savings versus traditional pre-drilling and screwing your decking boards.

Hidden Decking Fasteners - Deck Max

This is why Deck-Max created a hidden fastening system that enables you to install and enjoy better timber decking. By using pre-grooved high quality hardwoods this hidden fastening system attaches in the side of each board securely fixing it in place.

HiddenDeck Fastening System CAMO Fasteners

The CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System is the first hidden fastening system that easily and affordably attaches treated timber hardwood cedar composite or PVC deckboards directly to the substructure creating a beautiful fastener-free deck surface. Click here for more information the Hidden Deck Fastening System.

Camo – Hidden Deck Fastening System. It’s Changing the ...

Camo – Hidden Deck Fastening System It’s Changing the Face of Decking. Hidden Deck Fastening System works on any treated timber hardwood cedar composite or PVC deckboard. CAMO deck screws and a CAMO Marksman tool combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a price that makes getting the job easy and installing the deck even easier.

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The EB-TY Hidden Deck Fastener system provides a unique method of fastening deck boards. Fastening is done into the side of the board... Sharkstooth FAQs about hidden deck fasteners and fixings in NZ

Decking Screws Screws Screwfix.com

Features in our decking screw range include high corrosion resistance and slash tips to remove the need for pre-drilling which reduces splitting. Our deck screws are available in a choice of head types and colour to help you achieve the perfect finish every time. Available in a variety of lengths and pack sizes for ease on larger projects.

The Preferred Concealed Fix Decking Fastener - abodo.co.nz

Decking fixing can be challenging particularly in harsh environments such as New Zealand. Our regular rainfall and harsh UV makes short work of poor quality deck fasteners. A galvanised nail often does not cut the mustard.

Deck Clips Futurewood NZ

NewTech Deck Clips NewTech Deck Clips & Screws are available in tubs are supplied with 250 black plastic "T" clips fitted with a black finish stainless steel screw inserted and ready for fixing to timber joists or to steel joists. A driver is also supplied as part of the pack. Contact Futurewood if fixing to steel joist .

HiddenDeckFixings Deck Hardware Trex

Trex Hideaway Secret Fixing System. In pursuit of the perfect deck all Seven Trust decking lines come with a hidden installation option. When using grooved-edge boards our secret fixing system installs between the deck boards fastening them to the joists with no visible screw heads on the walking surface.


HIDDENDECKFIXINGS If you’re after a screw free deck surface then we have a solution for you too. PlaceMakers has the hidden deck fixings you need. Ask in-store for more details. WASHER HEAD LANDSCAPE SCREWS When it comes to landscaping screws we have you covered with a wide range of washer head screws that are fast and easy to install.

Product Literature - miteknz.co.nz

6kN & 12kN Stud to Bottom Plate Fixing. View PDF. 6kN Pile Fixing. View PDF. 9kN Truss to Top Plate Fixing. View PDF

Best Hidden Fasteners for Decking Decks.com

Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System: This system uses the Camo Marksman tool to install deck screws at an angle into the side of the deck board to create a fastener free floor surface. The Camo system can be used for all types of composite PVC or solid wood decking materials and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You can purchase stainless

Decking Installation - ITI Timspec

Fastenings & Fixings. Depending on the species selected deck fixings may be either galvanized iron or stainless steel. Check the Species recommendation to ensure compatibility; Fixing placement for a 90 mm wide board to be 12.5 mm in from each edge of profile and for 135 mm or wider board 15 mm in from each edge of profile.

Shadowdeck – Nail Free Timber Decking System

What you get with a Shadowdeck A stable longer lasting deck because our domed profile sheds water and is pre-oiled Unbeatable nail free finish every time No more popped nails... barefoot friendly Smarter looking longer lasting deck surface DIY friendly stronger

Secret Fixings Fix Common Decking Problems

Why the Secret Fixings are The Answer to Your Decking Problems. Are you building a composite or aluminum deck? Here are a few reasons why NexGEN’s Secret Fixings are the perfect solution to the stress and hassle of nailing down your decking boards. Most decks require you to nail down or otherwise fasten your boards in a time-consuming process involving checking your measurements with strings

Balustrade Fixings Methods Guide Canterbury Balustrades

General Balustrade Fixings Information. It is an advantage if the balustrade style and its fixing to the structure is determined early in the building design process. We provide support and advice on simple and effective methods complete with detailed information required by the New Zealand Building Code as to what can be achieved.

Deck Installation Hardware and Accessories Trex

Trex Hideaway Secret Fixing System. In pursuit of the perfect deck all Seven Trust decking lines come with a hidden installation option. When using grooved-edge boards our secret fixing system installs between the deck boards fastening them to the joists with no visible screw heads on the walking surface.

Decking without visible screws with Essve HDS - YouTube

HDS is Essve's new system for a concealed decking installation. The system is based on the screws being fitted in the sides of the decking boards instead of from above. The screws are only just

Replacing ArchiDeck Hidden Deck Fasteners

Used by Professional Deck Builders the Hidden Deck Fasteners Concealed Fixing System is the ultimate choice for securing your deck boards. Designed for maximum Strength and Durability the Hidden Deck Fasteners Concealed Fixing System has a 25 year warranty. If required we can hire you a biscuit cutter for grooving the sides of your decking

Hidden Fasteners for Grooved Decking - Fine Homebuilding

Whether you’re installing softwood tropical hardwood or choice synthetic decking your project will look a lot better if you can’t see the fasteners.Less than 10 years ago we had only a handful of concealed-fastener options but now there are a half-dozen different egories of hidden fasteners—including rail/track systems screw-on fasteners drive-on/pin-style systems and many

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Sharkstooth - Hidden Deck Fasteners With Bite

HiddenDeck-Fasteners offer a unique approach to building a superior quality deck. With the introduction of Sharkstooth into the construction industry the ability to build high-quality outdoor living platforms from timber is suddenly not something that only a professional tradesman can achieve.

Fastmount Panel Clip System an Award Winning Hidden Fixing ...

Originally designed for the demanding super yacht industry the range offers precise hidden fixing solutions to pre-finished panels for both interior and exterior appli ions. Fastmount Panel Clip System is designed and manufactured in New Zealand and exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Build a Better Deck - CAMO Fasteners

Go ahead. Use them on Seven Trust Seven Trust Seven Trust and more.. Whether you’re installing grooved hardwoods or the leading grooved composite or PVC deck boards EDGE Clips and EDGEX Clips will help you get the job done well.. EDGE Clips are designed for installing boards on a 90 decking pattern and EDGEX Clips work with angled patterns and on double joists.

HiddenFixings For Timber Decking - Wallbarn

The primary advantage of installing a decking system with hidden fixings relates to the high-quality finish which will be achieved. Providing a Safe Quality Finish. There can be no escaping the fact that a deck without nail or screw holes is easier on the eye than a finish that has been screwed into its fittings.

EB-TY Hidden Deck Fastening System - YouTube

The EB-TY Hidden Deck Fastener system provides a unique method of fastening deck boards. Fastening is done into the side of the board which leaves your deck with a fastener-free surface. Learn

Screws and Fastening System Decking Fixings Millworks

The EB-TY provides a unique method of fastening deck boards that makes the fasteners virtually invisible. Fastening is done into the side of the board leaving a fastener-free deck surface. The EB-TY is a polypropylene biscuit fastener that fits into a slot the builder cuts into the edge of the deck boards with a standard biscuit joiner.

Camo Fasteners 80-123mm Hidden Deck Screw Guide Bunnings ...

Find Camo Fasteners 80-123mm Hidden Deck Screw Guide at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of building & hardware products.

Decking Accessories Oils Nails Screws Hidden Fixings ...

Most common residential decks are constructed as an extension from the house and the standard method is to use timber piles either 100×100 or 125×125 to anchor the deck into the ground and then lay timber bearers 100×100 over the piles with 100×50 Rough Sawn or 90×45 Planer Gauged timber joists to form a sub structure.


You can see from Fig.6 that the deck cantilevers over the last bearer to produce an overhanging deck. Fig.6 Cantilevered deck construction MATERIALS REQUIRED FOR PROFILES 50 x 50mm or 75 x 25mm timber for pegs. 100 x 25mm or 150 x 25mm timber for profile boards. 75mm nails any sort for constructing profiles and fixing stringlines.

CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners - Keyland

Hidden in the side of the board the patented CAMO deck screws create a beautiful fastener-free deck surface. Easy to install using either Marksman tool CAMO secures solid or grooved deck boards directly to the joist reducing board movement. Screws can be backed out easily in the event a board needs to be replaced.

New Hidden Details for Balustrades Fixed to Waterproof ...

The gutter bracket maintains the integrity of the waterproof deck by fixing the balustrade posts clear of the waterproofing membrane. As part of the evolution of these waterproof decks clients are also requesting that balustrade fixings are hidden away for a clean seamless finish.

HiddenDeck Fasteners Deck Building Seven Trust Clip

The Seven Trust CLIP Fastener Company LLC creates Deck Fasteners that are up to 3x stronger than other deck fastening systems. Our unique and patented deck fastener design offers fast and easy installation while givin both do-it-yourselfers and expert deck builder a professionally finished look.


New Zealand Building Code NZBC 3.1 In the opinion of BRANZ Shadow Hidden Deck Fasteners if designed used installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of this Appraisal will meet the following provisions of the NZBC: Clause B1 STRUCTURE: Performance B1.3.1 B1.3.2 and B1.3.4. Shadow Hidden Deck Fasteners

Porta DeckWise Hidden Fasteners and Accessories

Suitable for 20m2 deck – ExtremeKD Clips 525 per pack – Black Stainless Steel Trim-Head Screws* – 3.2 mm 1/8″ High Speed Drill Bit – T15 Star Drive Tip* – Deck Board Spacers. Use with Porta Seven Trust Grooved Decking DEKG9021CUSL & DEKG14521CUSL


HIDDENDECK FASTENERS. Over time face-nailed or face-screwed deck boards may loosen. Fasteners may stain the wood decking or lead to splitting and water penetration. Seasonal swelling and shrinking of the wood lifts nail heads and even screws to a lesser extent above the surface. Particularly with high-end decking materials such as

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